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Welcome to the BlackRedX universe where we redefine possibilities with our three distinctive divisions. Here, we unify diverse domains to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored for your success.

  1. BlackRedX – Our core division, where we create dynamic strategies that drive growth and innovation. We are the foundation, the heart of the network, and your partner in navigating the business landscape.

  2. JobPillar – Pioneering the future of recruitment, JobPillar connects talented individuals to their ideal roles. We believe in creating opportunities and bridging gaps in the employment sector.

Join us as we embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Together, let’s shape the future.”

Our Divisions

Our Vision.

At BlackRedX, we believe in the power of transformation. We envision a future where businesses seamlessly navigate change, powered by our innovative solutions and insights. Our three dynamic divisions - BlackRedX, JobPillar, and Advertention - are united by this shared vision.

Through BlackRedX, we aim to be the guiding compass for businesses, providing strategic direction that sparks growth and innovation. Our vision is to empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace, providing them with the tools and guidance necessary to adapt and excel.


At JobPillar, our vision is to redefine the employment landscape. We aspire to be the trusted link between talent and opportunity, transforming the way companies recruit and individuals advance their careers. Our goal is to make job searching more efficient, intuitive, and successful.


With Advertention, we envision a world where every brand has a compelling story to tell. We strive to revolutionize advertising through narratives that captivate and inspire, driving brand recognition and customer engagement. Our vision is to help businesses express their identity in a way that resonates with their audience.


Together, we strive to shape the future, creating lasting impact in the worlds of business strategy, recruitment, and advertising. Join us as we turn this vision into reality.”

Meet the founders

The minds behind BlackRedX


Andre Ebert

Andre has been an active presence in the digital and social media space since 2005 when he joined MySpace during its heyday. He started his first blog in 2010, placing Google AdSense ads and learning about monetization. Over time, he grew an Instagram channel with more than 150,000 followers, leveraging his knowledge of branding, content marketing and community building.


He began consulting audio brands on strategies for branding, content marketing, performance marketing and email marketing. This allowed him to advise at a high level by combining his social media expertise with strategic thinking about business growth.


As a digital native since 2005, Andre progressed naturally into entrepreneurship and business development. He is a thought leader in the creator economy with over a decade of experience driving digital projects from concept to execution. His passion is leveraging platforms and understanding audience insights to create engaging user experiences and scale digital businesses.


Felix Mark

Felix has been working at the intersection of content and data-driven marketing since 2015 when he handled content marketing for the biggest startup hub in Bucharest. With a strong background in performance marketing, he has driven user acquisition and growth for several high-potential startups such as ArtNight, Kontist and Vation.


Over his career, he has invested more than €3 million in social advertising campaigns, fine-tuning messaging and creative to maximize return on ad spend. Felix thrives on digging into data to inform content and marketing strategy, always grounded in the user’s perspective.


With in-depth knowledge of platforms like Google, Meta and TikTok, he balances creativity with a results-oriented approach. His passion lies in fusing data and creative content to most effectively acquire, engage and retain users across the funnel. As CMO, he oversees a data-informed content strategy that engages the startup’s audience and converts visitors into loyal brand advocates.

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